September 05, 2011

Sewing challenge inspiration

I keep looking at images of maternity clothes trying to determine what all I will need to make a wardrobe that will get me through winter.  Being in Michigan it will start cooling off here really quick, and will stay that way through the entire pregnancy.  I have already ordered some clothes online and should have them here within the next few days.  No matter if I keep all the clothes I ordered I thought these would be good to add to a wardrobe.   All images are from A Pea in the Pod.

Open Knit Cardigan

Cowl neck knit dress


Wool Coat

I have also been thinking of what colors.  Since I want everything to work with each other as much as possible to get the most outfits out of them, I am thinking of sticking moslty to greys and black.  Then, with scarves and accesories adding in color.  I can also maybe get a few base shirts in some colors and patterns to add some color to the selection.  With the 8 weeks given I think two easy project with the cardigan and skirt will balance out the more adjusting needed dress and very time consuming coat.  However, with most coats running around $300 the time spend will be well worth the savings.

Next up, picking patterns and fabrics!  Good thing there is a big sale at Joann's this week for Labor Day.  I should be able to pick up all the goodies I will need.

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  1. Love the cowl sweater. Any size belly will look adorable.