September 03, 2011

Colette fall sewing challenge

So yesterday I saw on Colette Patterns blog that they are going to have a fall wardrope sewing challenge. Lately I have been procrastinating on my sewing because I have been indecisive on what patterns I want for this fall and winter.
This is due to the fact that I am now pregnant and need maternity clothes.  However, I have not been able to find any maternity patterns out there that don't look homemade.  So, I figure I will have to alter patterns that would be appropriate for my growing belly. 

On my drive into work I decided to participate. What better way to force me to make some decisions and get sewing.  And, I know if I get stuck there will be an entire community out there to help me out.

I already have some fabric that I bought a few months back at Joanns. Recently I have been looking at maternity clothes that are out there to see what shapes most of them are, trying them on to see what size I need, or where the extra material will need to be at.  I have some ideas about what I want to make out of them, but I think this will be a great way for me to set a schedule to get them done in time to wear for fall!

Now comes the fun time of getting images of inspiration and tying that to what I will be making. Let the fun playing begin!

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