September 09, 2011

The sewing starting line

I went to Joann's and bought some fabric and patterns for the sewing challenge. Before I went to the store I looked through my patterns and had a dress and a coat pattern picked out. However, once I got to the store I couldn't help but look through the pattern books. I found two dresses that I liked that I think will be better maternity patterns than my original selection. I could not find a skirt pattern, but think I may be able to wing one on my own from looking at my inspiration image.

The dress pattern I already had that I was going to make was Simplicity 2308

I was thinking of making it with like the knee length version with sleeves like the lower model.  I thought I could wear it, at least in the beginning, without the belt and then after maternity with the belt. 

The two dress patterns I like better are See and Sew B5476.  I like how this one wraps around, so I think I can get a better fit with it through the months.  I like the patterned dress cut, and it in the pattern.  However, I didn't see any patterned knit material I liked.  Even if I did I'm not sure I am quite sure of how the pattern I would choose would look with the wrap and different pieces on the bodice.  So, I figure the easiest is a nice solid colored knit.

The other pattern is a New Look 6802, and of course since it is pushing winter here in Michigan I will be doing the sleeves version.  I do like this in the small pattern that the model is wearing, but I was not impressed at all with Joann's selection of knits.  Since, I am not to sure about ordering material online yet I just went with something solid that I could find.

I also found a bottom weight for the coat pattern I already had.  I still haven't found anything for the skirt so I'm still on the lookout.

More posts to come with the coat plans and images of the fabric purchases!

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