August 04, 2016

Fair isle success - finally!!!

I am trying to learn some of the more advanced techniques that are in the Toyota KS950 manual. The last two days I have been trying to get a nice fair isle swatch. FINALLY I figured it out!  At first I couldn't get the second color to knit, then it wouldn't consistently. The manual itself isn't all that clear of where to put the second yarn into the carriage. A vague description and a black and white photo that is from too far back wasn't much help. I kept trying different things but the swatch never came out right. I talked to a friend and she recalled being instructed and thinking "really, that is all you do?"  Meaning it wasn't much, simple and somewhat counter intuitive. I went back to my machine and looked closer at where the yarn positions in and finally noticed a little hook on the front side of the latch to close in yarn color 1. I placed yarn 2 behind this hook (latch remaining closed to lock in yarn 1). Voila!  A clean and perfect swatch without any dropped stitches! It really didn't require that much, was simple and very counter intuitive. 

August 01, 2016

Ugh oh! This isn't going to work

So I am now at the point of trying knit patterns that are for machine knitting. I am working on baby garments in order to save time and money while I learn valuable lessons. So glad it is a little baby jacket that I am learning lessons on. The pattern has you start at the back bottom hem and work up to the shoulders, adding stitches on each side to create sleeves. Then you place some center stitches on hold for the neck, work a few rows on one side before starting to add stitches for the front neckline. I managed to get through one side all fine and dandy, but I guess I learned my lesson of the importance of how you cast on for the other side.

I didn't realize that they were unraveling until I had about 30 additional rows done. I did briefly debate on whether to rip it back to where the sleeves start and try again, but decided I didn't like the dimensions of the pattern (too long and skinny) so I took it off the machine, took a picture of it, and tossed it to the side to not continue on it. Maybe one day I'll work on it and turn it into something else. Like a teddy bear sweater for the girls to use.  Either way, lesson learned.

July 17, 2016

Toyota Knitting Machine Win-Win

After seeing a Bond knitting machine for sale in a local craft store I have been intrigues with the idea of being able to machine knit. After doing some research I decided to look for a more advanced machine on eBay. One video that I saw was of Vickie Howetll using a Bond and having some trouble with it. The other videos of machine knitting looked and sounded a little less finicky. So, I ended up with a Toyota. Working for a US auto company I can't believe I own a Toyota. It is a KS950, and I also bought a KR506 ribber to go with it.

So, here starts my adventures of machine knitting - and learning what the codes mean on cone yarn.

July 06, 2016

How does time fly

I am now seeing that it has been OVER three years since my last post, and not a post that I would have liked to ended on.  Much has occurred over the last three years...we welcomed our second daughter in January of 2014.  Bringing our family to a total of 6 plus one cat.  With all the fun that comes with pregnancy and a new child working full time there doesn't leave much left of the day to do other things.  Now that she is 2 1/2 and the next youngest is 4 my time is starting to increase where I can do other things - like crafty things!  I have already completed some projects recently, and have acquired some new toys so I'm looking forward to sharing those. 

Here is to a fun future of sharing new projects - that hopefully turn out and fit like planned!