July 17, 2016

Toyota Knitting Machine Win-Win

After seeing a Bond knitting machine for sale in a local craft store I have been intrigues with the idea of being able to machine knit. After doing some research I decided to look for a more advanced machine on eBay. One video that I saw was of Vickie Howetll using a Bond and having some trouble with it. The other videos of machine knitting looked and sounded a little less finicky. So, I ended up with a Toyota. Working for a US auto company I can't believe I own a Toyota. It is a KS950, and I also bought a KR506 ribber to go with it.

So, here starts my adventures of machine knitting - and learning what the codes mean on cone yarn.

July 06, 2016

How does time fly

I am now seeing that it has been OVER three years since my last post, and not a post that I would have liked to ended on.  Much has occurred over the last three years...we welcomed our second daughter in January of 2014.  Bringing our family to a total of 6 plus one cat.  With all the fun that comes with pregnancy and a new child working full time there doesn't leave much left of the day to do other things.  Now that she is 2 1/2 and the next youngest is 4 my time is starting to increase where I can do other things - like crafty things!  I have already completed some projects recently, and have acquired some new toys so I'm looking forward to sharing those. 

Here is to a fun future of sharing new projects - that hopefully turn out and fit like planned!