April 28, 2012

Shell baskets swatch

This is one of the swatches that I think is the newest stitch to me, called the shell basket.  It is made by creating a sc, hdc, dc, and trc around a dc in the row below it.  Then, when you sc in the top row like normal you create this little basket. 

I think I will redo some of the swatches just to insure that they are perfect, this is one.  However, for the first time doing this stitch I am impressed with the results.  This is also one of the samples that is inspiring and making me excited to create new patterns.  So much fun to be inspired!

April 23, 2012

Master Crochet Samples in Progress

So here is picture of the samples for the Crochet Guild of America Master's Program.  I have been working on it the past few days now that I am getting crochet time during Sylvia's nap time.  The program consists of creating 48 samples, I am working on number 36 now.  As you can see I have not woven in any of the ends, a part that I do not like.  Maybe once I get all of the samples done I will get Season 4 of "Mad Men" and have a weaving marathon.  That would make the boredom and painfulness from the task a little easier to handle for me. 

As to the types of samples, some are very basic like how many options there is to work stitches into a foundation chain, while others are more advanced like the bobbles and baskets.  I have learned several things from doing this already, like that I am a tight crocheter as I blogged here, and some new stitch patterns that I had not used before in projects before.  I am excited about the last swatches I am working on since they are starting to get into more advanced and less used techniques.  I think once I am done the finished collection will be very useful in the future to remind myself there are more stitches and patterns than just the standard sc, hdc, and dc in a row.  Already well worth the money for the program in my opinion, which makes me very happy.

April 20, 2012

My Biggest Blessing, Sylvia

A month ago today we were blessed with our little Sylvia Rose.  She has been the cause for my new, most favorite hobby that I have been doing this past month, holding a sleeping baby.  Because of this new hobby I have been more absent around here, and in doing other crafts.  However, now we seem to be getting a routine going, and I'm starting to find little pockets of time to keep doing my crochet.  Or, I guess I should say that I am finding how to do other things with the little bundle sleeping on me.  The best of both worlds!  This summer should be the best yet with me being able to enjoy all the best things in life all at once!  Life is good.