August 04, 2016

Fair isle success - finally!!!

I am trying to learn some of the more advanced techniques that are in the Toyota KS950 manual. The last two days I have been trying to get a nice fair isle swatch. FINALLY I figured it out!  At first I couldn't get the second color to knit, then it wouldn't consistently. The manual itself isn't all that clear of where to put the second yarn into the carriage. A vague description and a black and white photo that is from too far back wasn't much help. I kept trying different things but the swatch never came out right. I talked to a friend and she recalled being instructed and thinking "really, that is all you do?"  Meaning it wasn't much, simple and somewhat counter intuitive. I went back to my machine and looked closer at where the yarn positions in and finally noticed a little hook on the front side of the latch to close in yarn color 1. I placed yarn 2 behind this hook (latch remaining closed to lock in yarn 1). Voila!  A clean and perfect swatch without any dropped stitches! It really didn't require that much, was simple and very counter intuitive. 

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