September 15, 2011

Black sweater knit dress plans

Next up for the sew along is another dress.  I am planning to cut out the one like the model, but do the longer sleeves since we have already been flirting with the cooler weather here in Michigan.  During my big Joann's shopping trip I bought this charcoal sweater knit.  I like the texture that the slight heathered yarn with the knit structure adds to the fabric.  It is a thinner and a bit see through if you hold it up right, but I figure that I will be wearing it with leggings or tights and at least a tank top under it so nothing will show through. 

I have not tried a New Look pattern before, so I'm interested in seeing how they compare to other Simplicity patterns.  I have not decided what size to cut out.  Unlike the See and Sew I just completed this one does not have ties to adjust the fit.  This one is going to have to require some measuring and thinking in order to get a dress that isn't too big to wear now, but won't be stretched out and too tight in a short amount of time.

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