September 06, 2011

Major auction score!!

We went to an auction this weekend right down from where we live.  It is in a community building and this company will bring in anything from odds and ends, a furniture set from one seller, collections of coins, guns, or whatever they have, and then some are even part of an estate.  This has become mine and Brandon's weekend dates.  This spring we took the two kids with us and they are hooked.  It has since become one of the family's favorite outings.

This week, suprisingly to me, Brandon came up to me and said there was one of "your lady sewing mannequins" that I have been looking online at up for auction in the back.  I was expecting to find some ratty old thing not in my size, but low and behold it was what I was looking for!

We had been looking for them on eBay and most were going for $80 used. We were planning to buy one after I have the baby and start sewing non-maternity clothes. I decided to bid on this and see where the price went. I ended up getting it for $42 and think I got a great deal. All the dials work, it isn't torn or stained (not sure what the spot is in the picture), and more importantly it is my size!

Now I am working on getting it to where I can use it with my sewing now, even if it is just to help me get a good hem for once on these maternity clothes plan.  Any one have any thoughts on the best way to make a dress form look pregnant?

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  1. Congratulations!!! A new permanent piece to your craft collection. big :0)