September 20, 2011

Sewing and craft room

Having introduced you to Darla, I thought I should start to show you where I do all my crafting.  My favorite part of the room is my "new" sewing machine.  The actual machine isn't new, but since my grandma gave me hers about a year ago it is still new to me.  It is a Singer Touch & Sew from around 1965 and still works amazingly.  When my grandma took it into be tuned up she was told it was a great machine since all of the parts are metal instead of plastic like they are today.  The cabinet is from my grandma as well.  I love it!  I also love that there is a knee pedal instead of a foot pedal which I seem to be able to control with my knee.  The room we have it in faces south and is full of windows on three sides.  I have great lighting till the sun goes down. 

Darla has several places she likes.  One is where she is at in the picture, the other is taking up half of the ironing board.  She likes that spot so much she won't move or budge if I need to iron something, so I have to work around her.  Oliver has other spots he prefers, the middle of the floor in the sun and on one particular box for some reason.

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