September 12, 2011

Purple knit dress

So for the See and Sew dress pattern B5476 I just couldn't wait to sew it up in the purple knit ponte roma I got at Joann's. I absolutely love the purple color and the weight of this knit.

I cut the pattern out that night. I recently purchased a rotary cutter and mat, I still can't get over how much easier and quicker it makes cutting the fabric out. I usually dread this step of sewing, but with the rotary cutter I may start to enjoy it!

The pattern looks quite easy. No zippers or buttons to mess with. I did start sewing, but the first step listed was to do a rolled hem on the parts that will become the waist ties. Since I am trying to be patient and not get wonky seams this step is taking me a little longer than I want. I am really anxious to get this dress in more of a dress form, and these long hems are really trying my practice in patience.

The past few days I haven't been able to make much progress. Hopefully tonight I can get a good chunk underway. in order to meet the eight weeks with all the things I want to sew I need to get going! Hmmm, I wonder if a vacation day from work just to sew is in order?

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