September 01, 2011

First major lesson on a gauge swatch

I don't know why I thought I did not need to check my gauge but I didn't when I made this pattern. I know when I first started crocheting I usually didn't. I don't know if with me being thinner in build I just thought most things would be big enough to fit without trying, or that since I was making a hat it didn't particularly matter. Either way for this hat I didn't check. I also don't remember what yarn I used. Something cheap and acrylic I'm sure.

It turned out huge on me! I felt like that guy on "Fat Albert" that had the sock hat pulled way down. I also didn't care too much for the chain stitch "ribbon" running through it. It looked disproportionate, of course that could be entirely my fault for making the hat huge!

In the end I gave it as a gift to my mother for Christmas. She somehow has a really large nogen with lots of hair. Ironically it fits her well. She wears it since she can't find any hats in the store that fit her. Maybe this winter she will wear it and I can snag a picture of it to share.

So my lesson learned was if I want to make something for myself do a swatch. Otherwise I make it and who gets it is by who it fits!

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