August 30, 2011

Reason #1 why everyone should know how to sew

This is a picture of a cute little sun dress that one of my coworkers brought in. She does not know how to all. I have sewn on a button to a blouse she was wearing before, while she was wearing it. The button was on the back, and she wore the shirt in without the button so someone could fix it. So after that I guess I am now her seamstress/mender.

Anyway, this cute little dress's strap had come out on the front side. The front facing edge had frayed a little, but was not awful. With a quick five minutes, which most contained of trying to find a thread and bobbin to match and then threading the sewing machine, I had this thing ready for her to rock dancing again. I even put a little fray check on the edges just to be sure things wouldn't go sour on her when she is on the dance floor doing her salsa or cha-cha.

I can only imagine how many gorgeous clothes are tossed out due to a simple repair that the owner did not know how to fix. Granted not everyone has a sewing machine, but this one could have just as easily been done with a needle and thread.  At least one little dress was saved.

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