August 26, 2011

Mitchell's penquin amigurumi

I have two step children, Mitchell is 10 and Breanne is now 8.  I love them dearly and they always seem to find a way to entertain me or keep me busy.  After they saw me making the other little amigurumi animals they spoke up and said they each wanted one.  I let them pick out the pattern, and Mitchell (then 8) chose Lion Brand's Penguin for his.  I think I had some extra yarn from something around and let look to see what color he wanted.  He chose a dark blue instead of black (of course now I can't remember what yarn it is), the One Pound Caron yarn in Azure for the light blue, and I don't remember what the white was either.  Either way I thought this guy came out cute and so did he.  It was the first project I did that I changed colors.

I still like him even if Mitchell may not be so interested in him so much since the penguin lives with the cat toys.  Sad thing really, the cats don't really seem to be interested in the little penguin either.  Poor fella.

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