August 29, 2011

Another pattern from ravelry

Photo by Pinkleo on Flickr
Another pattern on Ravelry that I made foe Christmas gifts was the Luna Lovegood Scarf by Melissa Helton. I don't remember why I chose to make this one, but I still haven't forgotten about the pattern!

I remember using Red Heart Satin on this beautiful Christmas red. The pattern was fairly easy once I realized you crocheted the length of the scarf first with your chain stitch and then started working on the width. I don't remember how long it took me to make one, I ended up making two and gave both away, but I don't think it took me more that a few hours for each one.

I do remember when I was done blocking them by steaming the with my iron. I read somewhere this is called "killing" the acrylic when you do this method. I fell in love with how the scarf felt and draped after this, and how the pattern evened out and showed off so well.

With fall fast approaching I may have to make a few more. This time I willl be sure to keep one for myself!

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