August 28, 2011

Grandma's Christmas shawl

Photo by Interweave Press
Sometime in the fall of 2009 I joined Ravelry. I was amazed at how many people were also on there. I also was in awe of all the different patterns they had available. I know some you see you just know that you will never add that pattern to your queue but there are some designer that just make you drool.

One of the ones I found on there was this beautiful shawl, Chanson-en Crochet by Mari Lynn Patrick. My grandmother lives in an assisted living place and the room they go for lunch is always cold. I thought this shawl would be easy for her to wear without worrying if it will fit over her blouse, having it match to her outfit is another story. So I made it for her for her Christmas gift.

I used Caron Country in  Renaissance Rose color that I found on clearance at Joanns. This was the first time I had crocheted with anything other than acrylic' and the first pattern that was created by something other than single, half and double crochet stitches in a mathematical progression. At first o found the pattern confusing but determined it was just from being used to Lion Brand pattern writing and that they were more difficult directions.

I bought an antique looking button at Joanns and attached that at the top. I thought the shawl came out beautiful, I fell in love with the yarn, my grandma loved it, but I just regret not getting a picture of it.
Later, my mom told me that my grandma doesn't wear it to lunch since she had trouble keeping it out of her plate when she leaned over the table. I still wonder if she wears it at all but am too scared to ask. Is it bad that I would gladly take it back and wear it myself?

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