December 15, 2011

What I did on my first day of vacation

Yup, I crocheted with a Darla on my lap to keep me company.  Tuesday morning I sneezed and felt a muscle in my lower back flip over.  No fun at all that day!  Yesterday, which was my first day of vacation, I sat or layed with a heating pad off and on all day, and also did back stretches ever hour or two.  Thankfully I am feeling like I'm making progress.  Still stiff and sore, but luckily not even close to where I was.

So, my goal yesterday was to finish this shrug.  I was at the point to add in the 4 full motifs for the collar, do the 4 half motifs, and then all the edging.  Early morning I found that I had started attaching the neck incorrectly, and had to adjust the 2 I had just attached.  But, then I got rolling.  Finished all the motifs and one arm edging. 

Today, with the DVD box set of Mad Men season 3, I hope to finally finish this project!  I may even get it blocked and all the ends taken care of!  Woo hoo...bring on the crochet vacation!

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