December 18, 2011

Moth Wing Shrug almost there!

As you know I have been trying to finish the Moth Wing Shrug for quite a while, as I mentioned in my first day of vacation post.  I thought I would finish Wednesday, didn't so I then thought that Thursday would be it.  It wasn't.  I had it completed but didn't like how the sleeve edging fitted my arms so I redid it.  I finished most of it in the short time I had on Friday to work on it, finished the last round of actual crocheting yesterday, and wove in the ends this morning.  Now all I need to do is block it and trim the loose ends off. 

Next up is another top, the Luna Sweater, that I have had almost completed for a long time now too.  I first started it in the winter of 2009 or early 2010.  I just have one side seam, one sleeve to attach, and the neck edging to complete and I will be finished.  This one has me concerned about the size of the fit.  It looks SMALL!  I made the small, which was to my measurements.  However, this thing better block out a few good inches in length and width otherwise there is no way this thing will fit an adult.
With both of these projects being the only ones I have ever made to take so long for me to finish has me wondering why these.  What makes a project be set aside for a long period of time before you pick them up again and actually complete them?  Why have I on these projects and not others?  I wonder if when choosing another project I should think if I will truly finish it in a relatively short time, and if I don't will I be ok with possibly not finishing it.  Of course, then where would be the fun of trying something new!

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