November 25, 2011

Sew along coat plans

Here is my next project plan.  As soon as I get my new washer (Sunday!) I will pre-wash the fabric and start.  (Side note: Ours that came with the house stopped spinning.  Luckily the ones that we were looking at are now 35% off instead of the 20% that they were when we first almost bought them!  I can't wait for a new washer and dryer, I guess that means I'm growing up) 

Since we live in very cold winter Michigan it is necessary to have a good winter coat.    I have several, but with my growing belly I am down to only one right now.  And that is also only most days.  When I have a good dinner zipping the coat up is not that comfortable.  So, I bought this pattern in thought of converting the front to have a little more room around the waist and belly.  I think the pattern should be easy to modify for this.  The one thing I want to be sure of is to watch how much flare is at the bottom.  I don't want anything too wide, but nothing too fitted either. 

I bought the bottom weight fabric at Joann's when I bought the fabric for the purple dress.  I also bought black buttons at the same time to coordinate with the style I have in my mind.  I inherited some batting that I am going to use in between the body layers for warmth.  The only thing I still need to get is the lining.  I have some that I already bought for other projects that I can use, but I am just not sure if it is what I want.  More than likely it will come down to what I have when I get to that part, or if I am patient enough to go out and get new material.  I am looking forward to this one!

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