November 22, 2011

Simplicity sueded jacket


Before I show you my new dress I want to show you what I made earlier this spring.  It is Simplicity 3628 jacket pattern.  I used a synthetic suede material that I bought at Joann's fabric, and lined it with a synthetic silky material that was on the clearance at Joann's at the same time.  

I think I cut a straight size 8, but can't quite remember.  Since I made this I have been sure to write what size I cut and all the alterations to remember.  I really like the pattern and the style, however next time I would make a few alterations.  I think most of the fit issues would be resolved with cutting the next size up except on the front.  I would also take in the princess seams over the bust if my measurements stay the same.  Don't get me wrong, the jacket is very wearable now, it just isn't as comfortable as it could be.  The arm movement being restricted is my biggest complaint.  For some reason I have beefier arms than most clothes are cut for, even though I think I have normal arms.  This especially becomes an issue on jackets when I would like to wear a layer or two underneath.  I also can not button the waist after a big meal (of course being pregnant there is no way I can now) but that isn't something I am as concerned with since I wear most of my jackets open at work so I don't look too formal.  I was quite happy however with the length of the sleeves and overall jacket length. 

I have intentions of making another version for when I start work after the baby.  Perhaps something a little lighter weight than the suede so I can wear it all year around here in Michigan.

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