November 19, 2011

Meet Oliver

Oliver is Darla's brother, and he is the stereotypical cat personality.  He goes where he wants to, when he wants to, and allows affection on his own terms and time frame.  He will not let you hold him for more than ten seconds, even though he is purring, and will not sit on your lap without you having particular quilts covering you.  He also will not sit by you for pettings, but he will sit across your chest when you are trying to go to sleep and enjoy being petted for a short time, generally just enough time for his weight to start effecting your breathing. 

He does love the sun as you can see in the picture.  He also becomes like a kitten with a particular stuffed fish on a string when he jumps and chases after it.  The only other time he moves fast is when he is chasing or wrestling with Darla. 

When the kids are around he generally is around.  He loves to watch what is going on, and will allow the kids to play with him.  When it is just me and Brandon he will come and go, find hiding spots that we can not find him in to disturb his sleep. 

Oliver is a funny cat in his own way.  How he will change behaviors so drastically with toys, how he is very independent and alone at times but then will stand in the middle of commotion without moving.  It is just really nice to have two very different cat personalities in the house, and both of them we enjoy having around so much.

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