May 09, 2012

Shell Basket sample re-do

I showed you earlier the sample of the shell basket swatch for the CGOA Masters program.  I have redone it and I am happy that I did.  The top sample in the image is my first one you saw previously and the lower sample the newer one.  As you can see I did a larger/looser stitch, but still used the same hook.  I think you can see that the right side doesn't distort as bad, especially at the bottom where the starting chain is. 

The only thing that I still don't like is the far right column of baskets.  You can see that they lay different from all of the others.  I checked the directions and I did as they stated.  They have you work around one dc and then skip 3 where all the other baskets in the row have you only skip 2. 

I am not sure how I would use this stitch in a pattern.  Perhaps on a throw pillow for texture.  I think as a kid I would have liked to play with the little pockets.

1 comment:

  1. Super pretty and dimensional. I agree, a 3d piece would be most interesting