May 03, 2012

Project motivation

I am getting close to finishing all of the swatches for the masters program.  So, to motivate me I am planning what pattern to crochet when I am done.  I have it narrowed down to two that have come out in two magazines this spring.

This Acero Lace Top by Mona Modica in the Spring 2012 "Crochet!" magazine is one that I think I will make first.  I  think it will be very versatile in my wardrobe.  How it is shown over a sheath dress would be appropriate for work, with skinny jeans and a tank would be great for a date night, and then it would be easily worn over something long sleeved for winter.  It is made using a category 1 super fine yarn so it will more than likely take me forever (think the Moth Wing Shrug that I blogged about at Christmas).

The second pattern I'm looking at is the Senorita Skirt by Dora Ohrenstein in "Crochet today!" May/June 2012.  I like the fun but classy design of it.  My only draw back is I wonder how much I would wear it.  I am having a hard time determining what type of top I would wear with it.  I can think of a tank like this for summer, and then putting a jacket and nice heels for work.  Also, it looks like I would need to line this with something to make it appropriate to wear in public. 

Hmmm....decisions decisions decisions.  Stay tuned, I'll keep you posted.

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