May 11, 2012

Another swatch re-do comparison

Here is another sample swatch that I re-did for the crochet masters program.  It is a simple fan pattern with a lot of chains.  The top sample was my first attept, and you can see that my second one was done with a larger stitch, but I still used the same hook.  The second, just like the shell basket sample, has better pattern read and also lays more square than my first attempt. 

I have all but 4 samples of the 48 swatches complete along with Season 4 of "Mad Men," ends woven and checked for correctness.  Of the last 4, 2 just need the ends woven in and the other 2 I want to re-do.  They are granny squares and they just aren't laying like I want.  Once I finish those I am to the written portion and building the binder to send in.  Now to other shows and movies while I finish these last few steps of my masters!

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