May 18, 2012

Progress on the hairpin lace

I have managed to complete all three sections of the hairpin lace for the Just Married Shawl, and actually have already hooked the sections together.  The picture above shows me in process on the second section.  I used another yarn threaded through before I removed it from the loom to hold the stitches in front to back order.  This helped me know which direction to put the loop on my hook and be consistent.  Now I am in the process of the edging and have found that I can keep them in consistent order without the thread guide. 

So far I really like the pattern.  I am anxious to see it finished.


  1. Pretty. How are you making the edging? Slip stitch or single crochet?

  2. The step shown is basically a slip stitch using a loop from each side. For the outer most edges the pattern has a scalloped edge on one that you start with a sc through each loop to create the foundation. The other side is a broom stick lace. Both are detailed out in the magazine and pattern.