June 01, 2012

I love the new "VOGUEknitting Crochet"

Earlier I posted this post on the new "VOGUEknitting Crochet" magazine.  I have since finished it and am thoroughly impressed with the patterns and layout.  The pattern photos look like a current fashion magazine, not like some other crochet magazines that tend to look from the 80's.  If this was issued regularly I believe it would be my go to magazine for patterns.  Here are some of my favorite ones from this issue.

Nicky Epstein
Dora Ohrenstein

Karen Stahlecker
Cristina Mershon
Mary Beth Temple

You can see these and all the rest of the patterns in the issue here.  There are several other patterns that I liked, but the ones above are my top "I would make these first" patterns.  Several of the granny square ones; like the coat, dress, and v-neck sweater.  If I made them I would do them in a different color way since I tend to wear more toned down clothes.  I also like most of the jewelry.  However, like the granny squares, I doubt I would make any besides the bracelet above.  No reason why I wouldn't make them except I probably would only wear them once.  I do find all the patterns inspiring, and even some of the second shots of backs and details show creative ways of shaping the garments that you usually don't see.

This issue is definitely going to be one of my favorites in my pattern collection.  As I said in the previous post, I usually only find two or three patterns I like in a magazine if I'm lucky.  With this one having 5 that I could see becoming a staple in my wardrobe, plus many more that are inspiring, this magazine is definetly one that stands apart from the rest.  Now, when is the next one coming out?!

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