January 19, 2012

Guess what came in the mail!

When I renewed my Crochet Guild of America membership I went ahead and ordered my "Master of Advanced Stitches and Techniques" coarse.  It came today!

With this you make all these sample swatches and then mail them in a binder to be graded.  I looked at the first couple of pages but don't want to look any further at what samples you make, because I want to be surprised!  I guess I am a bit dorky like that with my crochet.  Just like a book I won't read the last chapter to find out what happens, I won't do the same with my masters coarse!  

I already have all the supplies to do the swatches, now I just need another crocheting holiday!


  1. How long a holiday will it be? Do they return your samples at the completion? Good luck! Cant wait to see

  2. P.S. you're a master in my book!